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Fallen Police Officers
Fallen Firefighters

Please review the list below. Are you a family member of one of these heroes? Do you know how to contact the family? If so, please email us or write to us (Macomb Heroes PO Box 383 Mt. Clemens, Michigan 48046).

We would love to get information to include on this site.

If you know of any fallen heroes not listed on our lists, please let us know so they can be added.

Macomb County Fallen Heroes

*      Sheriff Joachim Matthews                        Macomb County Sheriff Office         December 2, 1910

*      Deputy John Matthews                             Macomb County Sheriff Office         April 16, 1916

*      Deputy Clarence H. LaCroix                    Macomb County Sheriff Office         August 25, 1925

*        Trooper Howard H. Funk                         Michigan State Police                         July 8, 1926

*      Firefighter John Boyd                               St. Clair Shores Fire Dept.                  November 4, 1928

*      Chief Edward J. Sawitzky                        Mt. Clemens Fire Dept.                      January 30, 1929

*        Marshal Andrew A. Bastendorf               Utica Police Dept.                               June 5, 1929

*        Patrolman Lawrence Cooney                    Roseville Police Dept.                         June 15, 1937

*        Patrolman William Oliver                         Roseville Police Dept.                         July 12, 1937

*      Firefighter Charles Consigney                  Warren Fire Dept.                               July 16, 1944

*        Patrolman Harry Hartsel Davis                 St. Clair Shores Police Dept.              May 20, 1945

*        Patrolman Gordon R. McAllister              St. Clair Shores Police Dept.              May 20, 1945

*      Firefighter Edwin C. Harris Sr.                Roseville Fire Dept.                            January 27, 1964

*      Assistant Chief James J. Mitchell             Roseville Fire Dept.                            October 22, 1968

*        Police Officer Edward Anthony Rea       Warren Police Dept.                            March 3, 1969

*        Patrolman Omer J. Reygaert                     Romeo Police Dept.                            September 21, 1969

*        Police Officer Leroy Hugh Imus              Sterling Heights Police Dept.             December 2, 1971

*        Patrolman Robert J. Ahrens                      Mt. Clemens Police Dept.                   November 1, 1973

*      Sergeant  Joseph E. Riesterer Jr.               Roseville Fire Dept.                            June 11, 1977

*        Patrolman Robert A. Young                     Roseville Police Dept.                         February 18, 1978

*      Firefighter Ralph J. Buchman Sr.             Harrison Twp. Fire Dept.                    January 9, 1981

*      Firefighter James C. Nelson                      Sterling Heights Fire Dept.                 March 26, 1983

*        Captain Norman E. Stolzenfeld                Sterling Heights Police Dept.             October 7, 1983

*        Patrolman Albert O. DeSmet                    Roseville Police Dept.                         November 5, 1987

*      Assistant Chief Henry K. Moran              Warren Fire Dept.                               July 21, 1991

*      Firefighter David P. Sutton                      Fraser Public Safety                            March 4, 2000

*        Sergeant Christopher M. Wouters            Warren Police Dept.                            October 11, 2000

*        Police Officer Richard L. Vauris              Clinton Twp. Police Department        February 19, 2001

*        Police Officer Mark A. Sawyers               Sterling Heights Police Dept.             June 5, 2004


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